What do parents say?

Yesterday I had my little Marianna in Mei Tai and we were doing grocery shopping in the nearby store. I was approached by a family with a small child. They asked where I bought such a fantastic yoke. Of course I told them, spelled a website address and recommended it :-)
[...] Mei Tai from you works well :-)
Mei Tai is most useful when my little son becomes bored and grumpy. The world seen from above is more interesting to him. We are in the process of home remodeling and doing a lot of shopping for materials and such. Having our toddler tucked on my back safely in his Mei Tai is the best option for painless shopping.

Mei Tai

carrier for child
FOR CHILD view Mei Tai baby carrier - Health and Safety of your Child
carrier for parent
FOR PARENT view Carrier for your child – Freedom and Comfort for You
exceptional carrier
EXCEPTIONAL view Our baby carrier is Designed for You
simple carrier
SIMPLE zobacz Mei Tai baby carrier is Easy to use. You will learn to use it and carry with you in no time.