Before the first use of the Mai Tai, you should read the instruction manual and use. Following the points in this manual has a direct impact on the safety of your child. Mei Tai should be used only for its intended purpose.

  • Sling is only designed to be worn by a child
  • Always check that the Mei Tai is tied according to the instructions. Improper formation may result in the child falling and serious injury
  • Mei Tai serves only to carry a child whose face is in your direction. Never carry a child in a position where his back is based on your body, for such an position is wrong and can have a negative impact on the health and safety of your child
  • Children in Mei Tai must be kept in an upright position
  • Be sure to check each time if the nodes are double tied
  • Mei Tai is intended only for children who can sit on their own
  • Due to the load on the spine, it is not recommended to use the Mai Tai with children over 16 kg
  • Do not carry your child with its back against you. A child should always be on its stomach against you
  • Hold the baby until you are sure that your Mei Tai is carefully tied
  • Mei Tai is intended to be worn by young children only
  • Remember that your balance when using the Mei Tai can be impaired
  • Be careful when bending over so that the child does not fall out
  • Never use a sling during sports
  • Never use a sling while swimming or diving
  • Never use a Mei Tai while driving a vehicle or riding roller skats, skating, skateboarding, scootering, sleding, biking, driving a motorcycle or other vehicles where loss of balance can lead to collapse along with the child
  • Never carry hot liquids, foods, when you're tied to the Mei Tai
  • When carrying your baby in a Mei Tai never use tools with potentially dangerous elements - sharp, hot, heavy, filled or soaked with chemicals identified as corrosive, flammable, explosive, dangerous
  • Always make sure that your child has free access to air, and that its nose and mouth are not blocked by the Mei Tai
  • Never tie a child to the Mei Tai
  • Do not pull on the straps used to bind the Mei Tai
  • Never wear your baby in a sling when you're under the influence of alcohol or other drugs
  • Mei Tai does not replace a car seat
  • Never use a Mei Tai to protect the baby
  • Mei Tai does not protect your child from the sun. While using the sling use proper protection of exposed parts of your body and your child’s body
  • Regularly check that the sling is not damaged as a result of improper use. In the case of defects, Mei Tai is not suitable for use. Never use a damaged sling on a child
  • Keep fire away from the sling
  • The product should be cleaned according to the attached instructions

Instruction is not an exhaustive list of activities potentially harmful and dangerous to the baby carried in the Mei Tai. Always use common sense. Carelessness risks the life and health of the child.

MAJTAJ.PL Company is not responsible for the use of our products in accordance with their intended purpose, or for any consequences resulting from their improper use.