Positive child development with Mei Tai baby carrier

Mei Tai baby carrier promote your child's development

A child tucked into his/her parent feels the bond with whole his/her body. This fact supports the building of strong sense of security for a child, and in consequence, a good relationship with his/her parents and a healthy self-esteem.


A child carried in a Mei Tai baby carrier, tucked on the parent’s back, looks at the world from "an adult", less limited perspective. Child can also see the direction where he/she is being taken, exercises the sense of balance, priceless for his/her motility.


A toddler who is given a chance to observe the world from the high position at parent’s back, can observe it better, learning easier the links between the cause and effect. Child can connect sounds with their origin easier, learning logical thinking. Carried babies are developing well intellectually.