About Us


MAJTAJ.PL Marketing

In our company, we combine artistic talent, with technical and parental experience.

As parents, we see a few years' daughters, how many benefits it has brought to carry her in Mei Tai. We are happy to observe it properly, watch the rapid growth, and see that the closeness of what is achieved by wearing, pays off.

Our company was founded in order to share this experience with all parents who wish to use it. We encourage and persuade to carry, because it's the greatest gift you can give your child. Love and intimacy.

* * *

Anka - dancer and choreographer. All her life is to work with the body and movement. Mom.

Martin - admin and engineer. Enthusiast and Experienced wearer. Dad.

Sonia Mia – A smarty pants. Carried from birth. Daughter.

Kate and Agnes - doubly effective marketing department. The best team no money can buy. Sisters.